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GUEST POST: Get Glammed-Up with these ‘Beauty on a Budget’ Tips!

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Okay ladies, I’m back, but this time, I’m talking about products that will have your face flawless and your wallet saying, “thank you!”

With me being a professional makeup artist, it’s important to make sure I know products and there’s nothing wrong with drugstore products.

From skincare to setting powders, I’ll be touching base on some important products that will have you looking and feeling like a million bucks!

Ready! Set! Glam!

Laying Down the Basics

There are many places you can go that will have a large variety of makeup such as Ulta, Target, CVS, Walmart and Amazon.

Some of the top makeup brands I use are L’oreal, NYX, Maybelline and Gariner. I’ve talked about them before in some of my previous blog posts, so let’s get into it!

First up – Primer! NYX have an amazing product called, Studio Perfect Primer. It’s perfect for oily combo skin – it’ll leave your face with a smooth appearance without any streaks.

Another great primer is Maybelline Baby Skin Primer that helps minimize the appearance of pores. Thank you! Some people overlook primers, but they’re the key to the flawless look and application of your makeup. Primers help control oil, minimize pores, blurs out perfection, keeps you hydrated and the rest of your foundation. Just think – before you paint the walls of your house, you put a primer down first. Think of your face in the same way.

Foundation, please!

There are some amazing drug store foundations and powders out there. So just to name a few, I love using L’oreal’s True Match. This foundation controls oil, has an intelligent formula that matches your skin perfectly with your undertone.

Another favorite that I just can’t do without is the L’oreal Pro Matte Infallible Foundation. Hands down, amazing! And it does exactly what it says – long wearing, true to color, amazing semi-matte finish and controls oil! Perfection.

And last, but not least, is the Maybelline Fit Smooth Powder. Flawless finish, blurs out imperfections and long wearing! I just love it! Now here are a couple more products that are in the drugstore as well as online at a really great price:

Milani cosmetics – Their 2-in-1 foundation is everything! And their liquid lips are beauty! This is one of my favorite cosmetic lines that reaches women of color.

Beauty on a Budget….CHECK!

Okay ladies, so there you have it – some of my top drugstore products that will have you ready for the runway!

The products are affordable and of great quality. I only speak of products that I’ve tried on myself or clients. So please ladies, remember as much as we love MAC, Sephora and other higher end brands, we don’t always have to break the bank to look good! Take the time to try new products from different places – it’s always great to switch it up!


I am not a makeup person, which is why women like Amanda is one of my contributing makeup artists because I don’t have the slightest clue! I really need to do better with my skincare and makeup.

On another note, take a look at my picture below, all makeup products you see in the image are from the drugstore. Check out the products I wore listed below.

As always, I encourage you to tell us how you like this post. Any feedback is welcomed. You can even share your beauty budget tips and tricks with us. We are an open forum and we love learning about new stuff.

This Snapchat lense gave me so much life and had my drugstore makeup looking flawless…because it was!

Shop the Look!

Here are all the makeup and tools used to achieve a glowing look!

Foundation – Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse in Honey Beige

Lipstick – Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Lip Shimmer, Guava

Eyeliner – Wet and Wild – On Edge Creme Eyeliner in Black

Mascara – L’Oreal Double-Extend Lash Boosting Mascara in Black

Illuminating Powder: Wet & Wild MegaGlo Palette

Powder Brush: Wet & Wild Powder Brush

Save! Save! Save!

Let us not forget – the great thing about buying these drugstore/online products, they have coupons available! Check your local paper or simply go to!

Amanda Ellisor

Makeup/Beauty Blogger

Amanda is a wife, mother and a makeup artist for one of the most respected cosmetics brand – MAC Cosmetics. When she’s not contributing her makeup advice, she’s “beating someone’s face for the gawds!”

MISSION STATEMENT: “My mission is to “bringing out your inner goddess.” I love making people feel beautiful and confident with and without makeup! Educating women and even men so they can first feel beautiful within their own skin and having the knowledge and skills to create any look they desire!”


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GLAM UP & SAVE: You STILL can capture your beauty & essence with these 'Beauty on a Budget' recommendations.

GLAM UP & SAVE: You STILL can capture your beauty & essence with these 'Beauty on a Budget' recommendations.
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