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GUEST POST: Give Your Kids a Little ‘Kidspiration’



We Want the Best for Our Kids – Let’s Shower Them With Some “Kidspiration!”

My daughter started high school this year. New school. New peers. New rules. New curriculum. The school doesn’t have a PTA and peeking in classroom windows is discouraged. I went nuts (internally of course) at the idea that nature is forcing me to let go and not meddle so frantically in my daughter’s school affairs.

On the first day of school, I (like everyone else) posted proud momma pics all over my social media sites. Later that evening, I received a phone call. The person on the other end of the line asked, “Why would you let your daughter wear purple braids in her hair?” She continued, “Would your mom have let you wear purple hair?”

My response was, “No, my mother wouldn’t have let me wear purple hair, but honestly, that may have been the reason I said yes to my baby girl.” I thought about the conversation all night and finally woke my husband up to say all the things I should’ve said on the phone earlier:

What’s wrong with embracing my kids’ desire to be different? Why not encourage the idea of her having her own style instead of following the rules of everyone else? All children go through stages of finding out who they are, what they like and who they want to be – what’s wrong with being supportive throughout the madness?

I’m sure all parents get caught up with fussing and correcting and chastising – to the point where maybe we lose sight of encouraging, embracing and inspiring them sometimes. We want the best for them, and often times we get lost in the full-time job of making rules that make sure they won’t make grave mistakes. We love the little rascals!! Which is exactly why we have the heavy responsibility of making sure they know it. We have to find different ways to encourage them and let them know that mom/dad is always there for them. Yes, even at those times when we are yelling about grades, or that safari-looking bedroom or repeating ourselves to the walls because no one else seems to be listening – we have to find time to push them into greatness. We can teach them to face their fears. Show and tell them that there’s NOTHING they cant do!

Side Note: Encouraging them may even make us eat our words and encourage ourselves! Ponder on that for a minute.

Be sure to follow Blog Xpressions on Pinterest and check out my board called “Kidspiration”. I’ve found some great pins for encouraging our little ones into being confident, inspired kids that know that they are loved. Maybe you can use it to start your own board! Let’s remind them more of just how great kids they are! Let’s push them to try new things and not be afraid to fail! Let’s be cheerleaders for our kids! (Splits and handstands are probably out of the question but you know what I mean! 😂)

Yes, as parents, our plates are full, but they can never be too full that we lose the time to remind our children that we are their number one fans.

Let the lyrics of this beautiful song by the late great Whitney Houston encourage you to inspire your kids to be the best that they can be:

And that’s just the way the Cookie crumbles! 🍪

Share your ‘Kids Xpressions’ below. What are some ways you allow your kids to explore and experience?

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