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GUEST POST: 2 ‘Glow Up’ Makeup Trends You Need for the Fall Season

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Hey, Gals (for all my Southerners!)

Seems like forever, but the wait is over! We’re talking about all the newest and latest trends for this Fall! We’re dabbing into some new collections, styles, colours and texture!

There are about (5 )different trends that will be happening this year:

They are: Sharp, Stained, Kaleidoscope, Razor and Diffuse. The ones I’ll talk about in this post is Sharp and Razor.

I will save the other three for another blog post – I don’t want this post to become ‘information overload!’

So, without anymore waiting, let’s jump into it!


Okay, first off, this is my hands down favorite trend of all time! I LOVE it! Like…LOVE! I just had to get my admiration for this look out the way!

This trend is all about beautiful, natural skin with a statement-made lip!

You can wear a soft, glossy eye with glowing skin and a deep bold lip. (Kim K. who?!) You’ll be turning heads all day!

Some great products to start off this look is prepping and priming your lips. I love using MAC Cosmetics Prep and Prime Lip Base or Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Primer. These two products are extremely moisturizing especially if you’re going to wear a liquid lipstick. It helps prevent the lipstick from bleeding into any fine lines on or around the lip area, also from feathering.

Some deeper colours you can try is, Dance with Me, Oh Lady and High Drama all by MAC cosmetics. If you’re not into liquid mattes, you can also try Retro, Rebel, Del Rio, Media and Sin. Some great new colours (gosh, I love new stuff!) they came out with is Deep Rooted, Punk Couture, in Spirit, and Instigator.

For the face, I’ll keep it light with either some face powder or a lightweight foundation or even BB cream. I use the cream to highlight, so it’ll give it the glowing effect from within and some bronzer and I’m sharp as a razor!

Speaking of razor, let’s get into our next trend!

Get into this "SHARP" as a razor makeup trend for the Fall Season!


Now this trend is a fun one!

If you love liners and love smudging out products, then this is your baby!

This trend stands out on its own, no structure or precise placement – it’s all about fun!

First, for the face, I’ll keep it just like the sharp look – beautiful, glowing skin maybe deepening of the cheek bone area and adding more blush.

You can use MAC Blacktrack with a 210 brush or 288 angel brush to achieve the bold, long drawn-out wing liner! Or, L’oreal Black Gel Liner which is also amazing! I sometimes love to use a good pen liner. They are so much easier to handle and have control of how long or short you want your wing. I haven’t found any good drugstore pen liners yet, only high-end brands.

I love Kat Von D Ink Liner in Trooper and Stila Cosmetics Stay All Day Liquid Liner! These two are the absolute truth to getting the perfect wing tip razor sharp liner! Now, you can stop here or add the bottom liner by taking a black, or whatever colour you want, (sky is the limit) just apply it to your waterline.

Then, take a pointed tip eye brush, i.e., MAC brush 209, and smudge it out by going back and forth until you achieve the smokey eye. Top it with a nude glossy lip and you’re ready!

Now that you can be sharp as a razor for the new upcoming trend, please go play and have some fun!

Makeup is all about exploring what works for you.  Play in products and show your creativity!

Take a few snapshots. I would love to see what you come up with! These two trends can be worn in so many different ways and perfect for all skin types.

Get into this "RAZOR" sharp makeup trend for the Fall Season!

Love the looks? Then, pin them – we don’t mind! Use them as a source of inspiration for your next “glow up” moment.

I like to do tutorial stories on my Snapchat (amandaellisor88). Add me and check me out!

I also do Snapchat takeovers on Blog Xpressions’ account, so join us there as well (blogxpressions)!

We would love to see your new fall look! Share your image on social media and tag us @blogxpressions! Use the hashtags #glowup and #BlogXpressions.

Before we end this post, let’s explain what the “glow up” is:

It’s all about a transformation! Transforming into a beautiful vixen that we can be…our inner glow. And the two trends we discussed will absolutely deliver “glowing” results!

Ok, ladies, now let’s get into glow-mation!

Amanda Ellisor

Beauty Contributor
Amanda is a wife, mother and a makeup artist for one of the most respected cosmetics brand – MAC Cosmetics.

When she’s not contributing her makeup advice, tip and tutorials, she’s “beating someone’s face for the gawds!”

MISSION STATEMENT: “My mission is to bring out your inner goddess. I love making people feel beautiful and confident with and without makeup. Educating women and even men so they can first feel beautiful within their own skin and having the knowledge and skills to create any look they desire!”

Loved it? Liked it? Well, pin it & save it for later!

Ladies, let's get into "glowmation" with these (2) Fall trends that will transform you into a fabulous vixen!

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