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QUICK GUIDE: Easy Tips for Caring for Your Makeup Products & Tools

Easy-peasy Tips & Tricks on How to Take Care of your Precious Babies!

We all love makeup (noted) and we love collecting every new item and trend that comes out! Even if we have five of the same color, somehow it’s new to us. But the real question is, what do we do with it? We know we’re not going to use it everyday and even though there’s a little expiration date on the back of the make up, what do we do now? I’m going to give you some easy-peasy tips and tricks on how to take care of your precious babies!

My wish is for you to use this post as a guide to help you care for your makeup products and tools. By the end of this post, if you find these tips useful (and I know you will) please use the sharing tools at the bottom of this post to share across your favorite social media networks! Sharing is caring. 

Now, let’s get into these tips!


1. Beware of the Sunlight!

Rule number 1 – Ladies, do not keep your makeup in the sunlight! Always keep it cool! This is major key (shout out to DJ Khaled…lol ). But, don’t freeze it either – at least not the powders or liquids. Some people tend to put their lipsticks in the freezer. Me, personally, I don’t know if it’s beneficial or not but I do know it’s a great way to fix a melting lipstick! For instance, If you order some lipsticks or liquid lipsticks and they’ve been sitting in the sun, no worries just pop them in the freezer and they’ll be good as new! Now let’s get back on track! Leaving them in a too cold or too hot environment will breakdown the ingredients in your makeup and won’t be the same consistency. Keep your makeup in a cool, controlled environment

2. You Smell That?

Rule number 2 – If it has a funny smell, toss it!

Lipstick looking a little discolored? Bye, bye! In the trash it goes! That’s goes for all beauty products, even mascara. You should change out your mascara every 3 months. Pay attention to after you’ve shaken the product and if it starts to separate, its more than likely not good anymore. This can cause a rash, breakouts, even allergic reactions. Smell tests never fails!

Also, it’s good to sanitize your lipstick, liners, powders and eyeshadows. For all powder products, including eyeshadow, simply take a tissue, swipe the top layer clockwise and done. Bacteria lives only on the surface, unlike creams. So, just by wiping that top layer, you’ve removed all the dirty germs. With lipsticks and liners, it’s best to use a high proof alcohol; for example, 99% will be sufficient. Essentially, anything that’s between 90 and 99 will work. To sanitize the lipsticks, you can spray your tissue with the alcohol, wipe it and done. For liners, spray with the alcohol, sharpen it and spray it again – done! Easy as that!

3. Can’t Forget Our Makeup Tools

Now on to the brushes! These babies are literally our babies, we can’t perform to our greatest potential if our tools aren’t up to shape! Cleaning our brushes (deep cleaning) should take place every week. Yes, you read it right, EVERY WEEK! I like to clean mine on a Friday because Saturday’s are my full face bare down days!

Here are some recommended brush cleansers: MAC Cosmetics, Makeup Forever and Cinema Secrets even baby shampoo! As pictured below, I like to fill my sink halfway up with medium hot water and then add the brush cleaner. Once I’ve soaked them, I’ll rinse them with warm water and repeat with the baby shampoo to make them extra soft.

Bonus tip – you don’t want to emerge your entire brush, it will ruin them and loosen the glue. You only want to go past the first ring around the brush handle, not all the way to the wooden handle.

You can also spot treat your brushes by pouring out some brush cleanser on a napkin and swirling the brush in the solution until clean. This is a fast tip to clean brushes between clients for all my makeup artists out there!


4. Sanitation Station

And last, but certainly not least, keeping your vanity/makeup station clean! Just by spraying it down with the 99% alcohol and wiping it with a towel, keeps a healthy and germ free makeup environment. Check out my sanitized station pictured below.


See, I told you would find these tips useful, now pass this on to someone else by using the sharing tools below.

I hope I’ve provided you all with some great ways on what to do and what not to do! All in all, makeup is fun! We love it but we have to take care of it and ourselves. Check the batch number (located on the bottom of your makeup) and if it’s expired, toss it unless it’s a collectible, just don’t forget! As always, continue bringing out your inner goddess, but stay clean doing it!

Do you have some tips for taking care of your makeup? By all means, share with us by commenting below.

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