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Mary J. Blige Releases New Music – “Thick of It”


W e can always count on the Queen of Hip Hop Soul to belt out a heart-wrenching tune that pierces through our souls.

That’s right! Mary J. Blige is back with a new single called, “Thick of It,” a soulful, revealing song about a troubled relationship.

She sings:

Love ain’t just black and white
Ain’t that simple
It gets hard to tell whose wrong or right
When it’s dark with us
I swear I barely see the light
Should I stick it out?
Are you worth this fight?
Are we worth this fight?
Cuz I ain’t no quitter babe
And I be damned if all these years I let you diss me babe
I was there when no one wanted to stay with you baby
You know I deserve more than this
I do

The multi-Grammy winner is no stranger to songs with such strong and powerful lyrics. Do we not remember songs like, No More Drama and Not Gon Cry – just to name a few. Here’s what she tells EW about her songs:

Being Mary J. Blige is real. It’s traumatic, and it’s beautiful. Because my life, I actually have to live out what I’m singing.

We can expect Blige’s new album, Strength of a Woman, this year!

Download “Thick of it” now on Amazon and iTunes!

Listen. What do you think of the new song? Like it or love it?


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