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PLAY IT SAFE: 5 Safe & Fun Family Activities for Halloween

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Halloween is one of the scariest times of the year (aside from tax season), so it’s time to prepare ourselves for pumpkins, candy, scary decor, gloomy costumes and a little harmless fun!

Traditionally, most families go door-to-door to take their kiddies trick-or-treating.

I remember doing this as a kid and it was one of the best moments of Halloween because it was a chance to get with family and neighbors and have some harmless fun all while getting our little busy bodies filled with sugar!

In fact, we would compete to see who collected the most candy.

Now let’s fast forward to the new millennium – with all the craziness that’s going on in the nation, it is no longer, in my opinion, a safe tradition to trick-or-treat.

Case in point –

In recent years, around Halloween time, the “clowns hoax” was in the headlines with threats to schools and colleges across the globe! Schools had to beef up police and security to ensure the protection of our kids.

Why is this happening?

So sad…and cruel.

SAFE HALLOWEEN TIP: I won't allow bad people to stop me from having a good time. Click To Tweet

We can not allow negative-minded people to stop doing the things that make us happy and peaceful, so I gathered a few tips to help avoid all the craziness, while still having a little safe and harmless fun for you and your family.

1. Trunk-or-Treat. After having a long conversation with my neighbor about how unsafe trick-or-treating has become, she told me about a great activity that she and her child participates in: trunk-or-treat.

Cool name, right?

Here’s how it works:

You, family and friends, can go to a park and line up your Halloween-decorated trunks. Pop open your filled-with-candy trunks and allow the kiddos to go car-to-car and “trunk-or-treat!” They still will be able to be outside, wear their costumes and get candy. I so love this idea! What do you think?

Last year, my then 9-year-old son said he did not want any more costumes because he felt he would be too old for them by the time he turned 10. Long story short, now, as a ten-year-old, he’s asking for one! Really?

Guess I’ll be logging on to Walmart to see what they have in store. I like to order online to avoid the crowd and picked over costumes. The worst experience ever!

If you need some awesome costumes (with all the pieces…lol), check out Walmart’s website, instead. (BOO! Get all you need to trick-or-treat at!) USA, LLC

2. Halloween Fest. Nothing says fun like a good fest! Games, candy, food, prizes, friends, and family! You can host it and assign items for your guest to bring. Have fun activities for both adults and kiddies.

Look up food and dessert ideas on Pinterest. Decorate the space with the scary decor, play spooky music (one of the songs I suggest is Michael Jackson’s Thriller). 

And if you need some Halloween decor on a dime – be kind to your budget and order some stuff from Dollar Tree! They have some really good products for only $1! I order from them every. single. year.

3. Stay inside. If going trunk-or-treating or hosting/attending a fest is too much of hassle – stay home! There is no place like home! Make some food, pop some popcorn and watch Halloween-themed movies, something you and the kiddies can enjoy.

Save the classic Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th for when the kids go to bed. I loved watching those movies growing up. One of my favorite Halloween movies is Hocus Pocus.

Don’t forget to capture the night by taking pictures and videos of the kids in their costumes, the food and a selfie with the family so you can share on your favorite social media networks. 

4. Make scary treats.  On top of having a sugar explosion with all the collected candy, you and the family can create more sugar…together!

Get in the kitchen and make some scary treats! If you’re hosting a Halloween party or maybe just contributing to a party, then sweet treats will be spot on!

I know the kids would love this idea. Check out this awesome video I found on Facebook. These scary treats look so easy to make!

5. Visit a local businessMost local businesses host Halloween activities for the kids to enjoy.

Last year, I took my son to our local Bass Pro Shop and we had a blast. They had face painting, arts & crafts, trick-or-treating and free pictures! It was a blast and cost us nothing! Having fun and being safe for FREE.

Check out the photos!

Follow us on Pinterest and check out our ‘Halloween Inspiration’ board. You’ll be sure to find some ideas!

Be safe out there. Have a happy and a safe Halloween!

I love all things Pinterest and yes, I’m an addict. If you like this post, then pin it!

Here are a few safety Halloween tips to ensure you and the family have fun & safe time!






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Here are a few safety Halloween tips to ensure you and the family have fun & safe time!

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