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Fall Is Here! Ways to ‘Harvest’ Great Date Ideas (Guest Post)

I cannot believe that we are in the final quarter of 2016 already. I mean it seems as if just yesterday I was orchestrating my goal list and some were due by now; and now that NOW is here, I have had to extend some of my deadlines (I bind the spirit of procrastination!) Now don’t read my little post all judgmental and what not, I’m almost certain that some of our Xpressers have or are running close to deadlines, K?..K. At any rate, Fall is here and it is my absolute FAVORITE season. Yes, I adore Spring, but it’s something about the change that comes in the Fall that makes me blush! This is the season of harvest and reaping which is the breath of fresh air that I look forward to annually, especially residing in Houston where Spring feels like Summer and Summer feels like the desert. But when the temperatures begin to cool off, don’t rush into the house to snuggle in. There is plenty of adventure that you can still journey on like you might have in warmer temps with your beaux or for a great ladies night out.


This time of year festivals are among us, especially in the Houston area. This type of outing is fun, experimental (foods, wines, games, etc.) and not the typical date, therefore it should work perfectly regardless of your relationship level. If it’s a first date, it beats the routine dinner which some people prefer and that’s okay. But if you’re looking for a different type of encounter, this might be exciting to try. If you and the spouse are looking to break the monotony of the hustle and bustle of football games, tracks meets and after school practices for the kids after work, get them situated and you and your honey can catch some alone time at one of the upcoming events this Fall. I’ve taken the liberty of naming a few for you:

  • Houston Wine FestFor my lovers of fine wine, this is the festival for you. Taking place November 5th just outside of downtown Houston. You can view and purchase your ticket option here to enjoy wines from various parts of the world, multiple food choices and a little music too.
  • Texas Renaissance Festival – This festival runs for more than a month. Going on now through November 27th, you can pick a weekend that fits into your schedule. Get more information here.

Guys, there are so many more festivals coming up in the next several weeks with a wide range of interests so visit Google to see which of the ones in your area you would love to attend.

Sailing off into the sunset looks so refreshing and romantic in the movies to some of us, right? Truth is, you can enjoy that same scene for two through various services in your area. There are several options on Groupon to choose from but here is one for your convenience if you’re in the Houston area so take a peek and see if it’s something that you may want to try. Now I wouldn’t personally recommend taking someone sailing that you hardly know. You should totally be accompanied by your spouse, long-term companion or by someone that you have dated at least long enough to know that you both genuinely like one another and will have plenty to talk and laugh about together. Now if you decide to take someone you’re just getting to know and it is a success, then awesome! Just be sure to comment below and let us know how it went.

Did you know that there are still some operating drive-in movie theaters in the U.S.? You did? Good, because that is no longer a common thing to do in this day and time so it would be a change of pace to take your honey for a drive-in movie date, ditching the more modern contemporary route of eating your made-to-order hot wings as you watch the latest installation of The Best Man together. This is not to say that regular movie theaters aren’t any fun, but to say the weather is perfect for a drive-in movie instead where you can either roll the windows down and enjoy snacks while the breeze blows in or prepare a nice picnic style setting beside the car to watch. For my Houston family, although we have one here I think you all may like the options provided in Hockley better which is not very far away. Visit here to see what they have to offer. For my non-Houstonians, click here  to find a drive-in theater near you.


A great sporting event is always a win (well as long as all parties involved enjoy sports). Even before I began to really enjoy football, I would have the best time tail gating and even yelling at the players a little bit during the game. The basketball pre-season has also begun so currently there is not much of a shortage on catching a good game as the breezy weather settles in. Aside from sporting events, a good brunch is hardly ever out of the question. Whether you are attending with your friends or your significant other, brunch is bound to be a good time and I always find myself sitting at the table for a few hours with friends, eating, laughing, discussing politics, goals and enjoying a Peach Bellini or Mimosa (shout out to the brunch gang, you know who you are!). These are just a few ideas that you may consider or hopefully they’ve encouraged even more ideas for some great fall outings that you’ll be willing to xpress below. Should you partake in any of the date suggestions please don’t be shy, we definitely want to hear about it.

Until next time!

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