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3 Things You Shouldn’t Do on Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving less than two weeks away, I am getting more anxiety by the day.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite Fall holidays. Everything associated with turkey day brings joy to my face because I get to be home with my family. Family is my root. They are my joy, they are my everything, BUT there are times when family members can ride your nerves like it’s no tomorrow! Some of the annoying habits you see with your family just drives you crazy! Oh my goodness!

There is always that one person who thinks they are the best cook ever (and normally they are the worst), then you have the person who always wants Thanksgiving at their house so they can be in total control of how the day goes. Finally, that one person who complains about everything! Which one are you? Ha-ha! Like you’re really going to admit that, right?

I know families are not perfect and know I can’t always get what I want, but there are three things that totally drives me nuts on Thanksgiving Day, some of which is my own fault, but who cares!


Shopping on Thanksgiving Day

There are a lot of procrastinators out there (yea, I’m talking about you) and the one thing that I strongly despise is going to a grocery store (or any kind of store for that matter) on Thanksgiving day! Why didn’t you get everything you needed beforehand? Why are you waiting last minute to get items needed? And, believe me, I get it, sometimes we think we have everything we need and right at the last minute, you realized you forgot the poultry seasoning for your much-raved-about cornbread dressing. The family will go nuts if the dressing is less than perfect.

I know you guys do a lot of Black Friday shopping which is not my thing, but it’s okay because it’s technically after Thanksgiving dinner. Some of my family develop strategic plans all the time about the big deals! Good luck and please be careful!

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My Point: Don’t make a habit out of having to go to the supermarket on Thanksgiving day every single year. Find tools to help you prepare so you can have everything needed.

Social Media is Here to Stay

Last time I checked, social media is “the thing” now. When in public, all I see is people looking down at their phones are tablets. I don’t see people’s faces anymore. People will go crazy without their phones because they have become so accustomed to checking their phones every two seconds waiting to see an epic Snapchat or Instagram post. Well, I got news for you – it’s not going anywhere! On Thanksgiving Day, your focus should be on family. You barely see some of them, right? Talk to each other, play games, watch family movies, play cards, go outside, etc.  There are so many things you can do.

My Point: Family engagement is important. With all the craziness and foolishness going on nowadays, spend as much time as you can with your loved ones. Do your research and discover what Thanksgiving means. The word alone has a thousand meanings. Cherish your family and be thankful you have them. As much as I love a good Instagram post, I love my family even more.

Does Thanksgiving Decor Exist?

Umm…so, a week or so before Halloween was over, I saw Christmas decor in grocery stores, retail stores, various neighborhoods, etc. Christmas is my favorite holiday, but must we skip over Thanksgiving as if it’s nothing? With all the DIY stuff on Pinterest and TV shows, like the DIY Network, I’m sure we can find, or make, decor specifically for Thanksgiving.

My Point: Let’s cherish each and every holiday. Allow the holiday spirit to sink in. Stop rushing Christmas – that means you’re rushing time. I know Christmas is fun and exciting and has some great, cheerful decorations, but let us not forget, Thanksgiving is equally important. USA, LLC

I hope these tips resonated with you and I hope you are not one of “those” people. LOL!

From the bottom of my heart, I want to wish you and your family a happy and safe Thanksgiving. Tell me your plans by commenting below. Are you traveling, staying home, hosting, etc. As for me, I really don’t know. I may cook up a little somethin’ somethin’ or, I just might go from house-to-house. We’ll see.

Gobble, Gobble! 

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