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10 Tips to Having a Successful “Friendsgiving” (Guest Post)

So here comes Thanksgiving, and we all have some friends that have become family. One thing we know about Thanksgiving is that there is A LOT OF FOOD! So, here’s an idea: How about starting a new tradition- FRIENDSGIVING!! The day after the holiday (or even the Saturday after) get together your friends, games, kids, cocktails (and mocktails of course) oh yea, and leftovers! Here’s a few pointers:
1. Pot Luck! You’ll have to be careful with food delegations because Thanksgiving foods are traditionally pretty much the same in every household. Try to put a twist on some of the suggestions. For instance, serve up turkey melt sliders or turkey enchiladas! Be sure to be considerate of vegans and food allergies.
2. Something for the Little People. Print out some quick selfie props or fall-themed coloring sheets. Try some easy crafts or fun activities. Create a bonding environment for the kids to get closer to their “play cousins.”
3. Cocktails and Conversations. Google up or head to Pinterest to find some cranberry juice cocktails. Even cranberry jello shots will be fun.
4. Mocktails and Conversations. Surely the kids would loved a mixed drink, too! Cranberry and pineapple juice is one of my fave concoctions. Orange wedge garnishments would further encourage these healthy cups of fun.
5. Please Don’t Stop the Music! Put together a playlist that will stir of love and good vibes! Dancing, karaoke, and awesome trips down memory lane. Let the good times roll!
6. Player’s Gonna Play! Have some fun options. You can ask your guests to bring their favorite games: Cards, Dominoes, Taboo, Uno, Scrabble, Scattegories, Headbandz- there are so many that promises a good time!
7. Say Cheese! Don’t forget your camera! Take lots and lots of pictures! Make memories and capture them.
8. Be Sweet! Don’t forget the dessert! Plop some ice cream atop that Apple Pie. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!
9. Secret Santa? This is a good time to exchange names for gift giving. It’s also an ideal time to plan your next gathering. Christmas? New Years Eve? Work it out then!
10. Cleaning Up. Be considerate of the host. Thanksgiving is a lot of work for some people. It is an act of affection to invite lots of loved ones over at once. So lets try to help with keeping things tidy and things like cleaning up after the kids. (I’m already tired just thinking about it!)
Show the ones you love you love them. Don’t take time for granted. Sometimes blood and lineage don’t define who becomes family. Sometimes, its loyalty and companionship. Sometimes it is life’s experiences that teach us who family is. Celebrate Thanksgiving with all of the people you are thankful for. Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone- and that’s  just the way the cookie crumbles…
What did you think of the tips? Did you find them helpful? Are you planning to attend or host a Friendsgiving? Tell us all about it! 

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