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QUICK GUIDE: 2016 On-a-Budget Holiday Gift Guide

Season’s Greetings!

So Christmas is rapidly approaching and we’re getting more anxiety by the day. We have so much to do, right? Shopping, wrapping gifts, collecting addresses to mail Christmas cards, etc.

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to download my free, interactive e-Guide to help you save some time this holiday season.

I have a question for you – how many of you say every year that you are going to plan ahead of time for the next holiday season? Yep, me too! Anyway, I am on a budget. My coins can only go so far because I do have to live after-the-fact, right? I don’t want to be one of those people in holiday debt! No way, Jose! I’ve been using the heck out of Pinterest to come up with some nice, inexpensive, useful gifts that I can give this year. Getting cool gifts and staying on budget – that’s more like it.

Some of the recommended places that I have listed below are affiliate links. I have made a purchase or used products from all the places below. The views expressed are my own.


Amazon – Who has not shopped at Amazon? They have so many cool products ranging from electronics to beauty! The list is endless. You can sum them up as a one-stop-shop! They have everything!

Casetify – Cell phones are so innnn! We take these glorified devices with us every.where.we.go! I dare to leave mine at home and not return to get it! I’ll risk being late for work to get it! With all that kind of love, the phone needs protection. At Casetify, you can get some really cool, modern and customized case for any devices. They have cases for iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, Androids, Samsung, plus more! Check them out – they can serve as a great stocking-stuffer!

Texture Magazine – Ya’ll know I’m good for posting about magazines covers and features. I just love them. Digital is in. Print is in too, but not as much as digital. I like viewing my mags on the Texture app – unlimited views and a massive catalog. You can even view back issues. Right now, you can snag a 14-day trial to see if you like it. If you do, gift it! Or, buy for yourself. You deserve it. “Season’s Readings!”

Dollar Tree – Ummm…don’t yall sleep on the power of Dollar Tree. You can score some really good useful products from them. I go there all the time for household supplies, Christmas decor, office supplies, party supplies, etc. You can buy $20/$10/$5 worth of goodies, put them nicely in a basket, container or cellophane and BOOM, a Christmas gift! Yassss!

Bath & Body Works – I love this store. I buy from them all year round. They have products for every season and Christmas is definitely not exempt. In addition to their awesome products, they have online coupons, paper coupons and deals everyday! No coupon required. Look at my Pinterest page, I pinned a lot of cool ways to make these gifts stand out! Make a nice gift set that includes: lotion, shower gel and body spray. Sweet! Amazon carries some of their products as well.

Microsoft Surface – For selfish reasons, I’m listing the new Microsoft Surface. This baby is loaded with features, compatibility and portability. I want it! As a blogger, can you imagine how much I want this? This will serve as a great gift for the techie in your life. I mean, after all, they are worth it, right?

Payless Shoe Source – No shame in my game. Payless has come nice, inexpensive shoes and I will rock them till the heels fall off! I even buy my accessories there sometimes. They have super cute jewelry and sunnies! Yes, come thru Payless. And, they are always sending coupons to my inbox. You need to get in on this, Xpresser! I will be shopping there this season for house slippers.

Makeup/Beauty Products – Beauty contributor, Amanda Ellisor, provides us with great makeup techniques and tips. Recently, she has started rounding up her favorite products of the month. She shares all the details about the peculiar features of the hottest products in the makeup circuit! Her tips are always so helpful. Here’s an idea for you – how about taking some of the recommended products and packaging them up as a gift?! The makeup addict in your life will love this! Kewl stocking-stuffer!

Catching Feelings – Relationship/hair care contributor, Auketria Manor, is one of the greatest storytellers I’ve ever come in contact with. Her way of breathing life into words is pure brilliance. If you haven’t read of her first book, Catching Feelings, then you should! I strongly recommend. She has received glowing reviews and people are still raving about it. She’s currently working on her second book (stay tuned). Gift “Catching Feelings” to someone. You can get a paperback or digital.

Alright, there you have it, Xpressers! A quick guide for some quick, inexpensive gifts. Have you done your Christmas shopping?




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