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The 4 Do’s & Don’ts When Attending a New Year’s Eve Party

Using the Proper Etiquette When Attending a Hosted Party

We are on the official countdown to a New Year and it’s time to prepare ourselves for a new us. It’s time to redefine who we are, our values, goals and aspirations.  Before we get into all those refining details, we must welcome the New Year to a new us. And how do we do that? WE PARTY! The countdown to 2  0  1  7 begins! I mean, come on, who does not love a good party filled with food, family, friends, sports, games, etc.?

When invited to a party, it is proper to comply with party etiquette. Nope, I’m no charm school graduate nor am I an expert on any type of etiquette, it’s just called a little common sense.

I have gathered 4 Do’s & Don’t s when attending a NYE party. These tips apply to any party you attend! I know you will agree with these tips, so take a ride along with me.

Here we go:

New Year's Eve Party


1. Don’t Show up Empty-Handed:

I’ve been to many parties and one thing I have witnessed is people showing up empty-handed. How rude! Although you were invited to the party, it does not exempt you from bringing an item, a dish, a something!

Here’s what you can DO:

Bring a bottle of champagne or wine.

  1. Stop by the grocery store and pickup some snacks or perhaps a fruit or veggie tray.
  2. If bringing an item, is out of your budget, no problem – I have a great tip for you! If you don’t have the means to do it, then use your time. Time cost $0 and your host will appreciate it. Offer to come maybe an half hour early to help decorate! I’m sure they’ll need all the help they can get. That can be your contribution to the party. Cool tip, right?
  3. If you just have no clue what to do or to bring, just ask your host – I am sure they will an idea for you!

Attention Host: I’m no party planner and I’m not a “artsy-crafty” chic, but what I can do is pin perfectly! Check out these NYE “pinspired” ideas.

2. Don’t Leave Your Mess Behind:

Yuck! I’m not OCD, but I do like a clean and neat space. When you’re invited to someone’s home, clean up after yourself! Even if you don’t clean after yourself at home, be mindful and respectful of other people’s space.

Here’s what you can DO:

  1. When you’re done chugging down your drink and stuffing your face with food, trash it! Trust me, there is a trash can somewhere. If you don’t see it, just ask!
  2. Open the conversation and ask the host if they need help cleaning up or taking out the trash. Because they want to be  known as a “good host,” they may decline, but in their minds, they see the effort was there. Hey! You might get another invite just because of it!

3. Don’t Be a Party Pooper:

It’s called a PARTY! Hello! Why go to a party, plop on the couch and be non-sociable? You could have stayed home for that matter. I mean, seriously! Imagine going to a party where the music is jumping, the crowd is excited, the food is banging and there’s someone in the corner checking their Facebook feed? Tuh! Puleasse!

Here’s what you can DO:

  1. Have open dialogue with the guest and get to know other people.
  2. Participate in any games the host initiates (pssst…I’m a board game junkie! ) Did somebody say Monopoly (classic version only) or Taboo? Let’s DO it!
  3. Shake your groove thing! There’s nothing wrong with having some fun. Hear your song? Get out there and boogie!

4. Don’t Drink & Drive:

We’ve heard this for years and years how drinking and driving is NOT cool – and it’s NOT!. If you know you’ve had too much to drink, please don’t take the risk of driving home while intoxicated. You probably think you can “make it,” but, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Think about others on the road. Think about yourself and your family. There are so many resources you can use during times like this. Use them to your advantage…and everyone else.

Here’s what you can DO:

  1. Ride with Uber. C’mon, who has not heard of Uber? They have become so popular, they are like the modern version of a taxi cab. Give them a call if you need a ride home. Of course there’s a fee. Let’s weigh the importance: (a) Take the risk of driving home drunk, get pulled over, go to jail, etc. OR (b) Call an Uber, pay the fee and get home safe and sound. No harm done. See, I knew you were smart, “b” is the correct answer.
  2. Take it the traditional route and call a taxi! Although Uber is taking over these streets, taxi services are still in business! Call your local cab company and get home safely!
  3. Call a family member or friend to pick you up. What’s a friend for if they can’t help ya out? Give them a call to see if they can scoop you up. Or, just ask a friend who’s already at the party to take you home. Only if their sober, of course.
  4. If all else fails, see if you can crash at the hosts’ house.

Welp! That’s all I got. I hope these 4 tips help you be more responsible but that does not mean you can’t have a great time!

Get ready to pop them bottles and welcome 2017!

Have a happy and safe New Year!

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