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Land Your Next Job Interview With These Five Sure-Fire Tips (Guest Post)

[ap_tagline_box tag_box_style=”ap-all-border-box”] NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: After seeing how empowering the women’s march was on January 21, it strengthened my reasoning for the birth of Blog Xpressions with so much purpose. Now, granted, I had plenty of purpose when I started BX, but seeing how the millions of women marching in solidarity all over the world, for equality, social justice, human rights, etc., just set a fire under me! I want to do more. Nothing can stop me, but ME! I feel so invigorated!

With all that being said, I want you to help me continue my purpose and welcome a new Xpresser to the team. Ladies and gents of Blog Xpressions, please say hello to Jocquelyn Roberson! Jocquelyn is the founder and CEO of The Human Resource! THR is a consultant biz for contract and non- contract employees, specializing in EEO, EEOC, grievance and employee relations assistance. In addition to her awesome biz, she’s a wife and a mother to a baby boy.

Please send her a warm welcome by reading this helpful post. I don’t know how many times I’ve said, “the job struggle is real!” How many of you agree? Don’t be shy or ashamed, because it’s the reality! In this post, Mrs. Roberson is arming us with tips on proper (and doable) ways to land that next interview! Please take these tips by the horns and ride it till you get that phone call saying, “you’re hired!” As usual, we are an open forum, so please leave your comments below the post.[/ap_tagline_box]



[ap_dropcaps style=”ap-normal”]E[/ap_dropcaps]very time you log on to anything, there is some commercial, newspaper article, radio station, blog, or hiring site offering job-seekers tips and tricks for landing their new dream job. However, job-hunting is just not that complicated. Actually, one should be able to easily obtain at least one job offer by following these job-hunting tips.

Landing your next job made easy!

1. Who’s In Your Network?

The age old saying of, “its not what you know, but who you know,” is still very present in 2017. The majority of jobs are filled through referrals and people recommending someone they know for a position. Jobs are not only found through responding to job listings or posting your resume on job boards, but through networking.  The first step when you are looking for a new job is to shout it from the rooftop and tell everyone in your network about the job you are seeking. Remember that networking happens both offline and online. Online means developing and maintaining a network of active professional acquaintances on services like LinkedInTwitter, and Facebook. Keeping your professional and personal accounts completely separate is highly recommended.

2. Stand Out From Other Applicants

In today’s ever changing job market, merely having just a resume is not enough. When job seeking it important to send:

 A Cover Letter, Resume, or Curriculum Vitae.

These items are your chance to convey your greatness on multiple platforms. Employers often will scan over your resume and get your abilities from your cover letter. Outline in detail why your past experiences will help you excel at the position you’re gunning to land.

 3. If You Stay Ready, You Will Never Have to Get Ready

You never know when, where, or how you will meet your next employer so you should always be ready. Interviews can be held at the spur of the moment and sometimes without notice.

Employers are looking to hire during job and career fairs, so dress to impress! 

a. Always have an interview suit or dress pressed and ready to go. (There is nothing wrong with shopping at thrift stores to get your wardrobe started)

b. Have multiple copies of your resume readily available to distribute at all times.

4. Keep the Interview Going…Ask Questions!

Be prepared and familiarize yourself with the company’s objectives.  Most importantly, prepare yourself for an interview. Be engaging, enthusiastic, and memorable. If given the option, select the first interview of the day or the very last. By selecting the first time slot, you set the bar high and all interviewees are compared to you. By selecting the last time slot, you will leave a lasting impression.


5. Send a Follow-up or Thank You Note After Your Interview

Make sure your correspondence is brief and thoughtful, and sent within 24 hours of your interview. This simple act of appreciation is extremely effective in allowing you to stand out from other applicants.

You can send the correspondence in these popular ways: 

a. Email

b. Snail mail

c. Handwritten thank you card left with the receptionist

Happy Hunting!

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Jocquelyn is the founder and CEO of The Human Resource.  THR is a consultant biz for contract and non- contract employees, specializing in EEO, EEOC, grievance and employee relations assistance. In addition to her awesome biz, she’s a wife and a mother to a baby boy.

When she’s not HR’ing, she’s spending time with her little boy and her hubby.

MISSION STATEMENT: Helping you to attain the best of HR consulting!

Contact me with your questions! 


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Entertainment addict - yes! Celebrity gossip - NO! I blog about all things entertainment and lifestyle , which includes, but not limited to: new music, movies, TV shows, books, parenting, food, finance tips, etc. Blog Xpressions caters to and celebrates women! We like to empower, educate and enrich lives!

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