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4 Productive Activities to Do When the Kids Are Away!

Being a full-time mother is hard work. No easy task. But, hey, we gotta do it, right?

Most of us work full time at our day jobs and work full time when we get home, too!

As soon as I leave work, here’s what the rest of my day looks like:

  • Pickup my son from after-school care
  • Go home and cook (or heat leftovers)
  • Help with homework
  • Sign any type of paperwork for his school
  • Iron clothes
  • Shower
  • Prepare lunch for the next day
  • Work on my blog
  • Say prayers with my son and put him to bed

When all your hard work is listed, it may not seem like a lot, oh, but it is. All of the above items takes time to do. By the time you complete all those activities, it’s time to for you go to bed, right?

Where is all the time for me? The hardworking mother? Not much time when you have a job to go to the next day.

Oh, and let’s not forget the weekends. You may think you will rest – but think again!

If your child is active (like mine) they will wake you every Saturday morning just to tell you they are bored or they may say, “Mom, I’m hungry, can you make me some pancakes?” Or, what about, “Mom, can I go

Or, what about, “Mom, can I go to my friend’s house?” And since my son will be starting his basketball season soon, his practice time will be included in my weekly activities, plus the actual game on Saturdays.

So, to all my mom’s – when the kids are away at a sleepover, or at Grandma’s or maybe they took a “boys only” trip with dad, what should you do to make great use of your rare FREE time?

First, you should act like a child and just jump for joy in your bed…up and down and up and down…up…down. You get the idea.


Here are three productive activities you can do to make the most of your FREE time:

1. Hang Out with Friends

When was the last time you hooked up with your girlfriends for a “girls night out” (another blog post on this later)? There’s nothing like going to a nice, conservative lounge, catching up with the girls and sipping on a cocktail…or two…or three. Now if you get too wasted, don’t get behind that wheel. Be a responsible person and get a Lyft!

2. Binge-Watch Your Favorite Shows

When I say my DVR is loaded…it’s loaded, good people. There are so many great shows on this season. I try to watch whenever I have a free moment during the week, but we know how hard that can be, right ladies?

My co-workers filled me in on this awesome NBC show called, This is Us. I finally decided to binge watch it and I cannot get enough of it! HULU has been my BFF all week!  Sometimes I watch some of the episodes at work. Shhhh! Don’t tell nobody.

3. Catch-Up on Some Zzzz…

Go night-night! We’re super busy with the hustle and bustle all the time, we don’t get all of our much-needed beauty rest. I LOVE to sleep and can literally fall asleep anywhere. LOL! And, sleeping is good for your body. And that is a FACT!

Here’s what you can do to get the best sleep possible:

  • First of all, I live a stress-free lifestyle. Stress is not worth it.
  • Draw up a nice, warm bubble bath. I use the Aromatherapy Stress Relief by Bath and Body Works. Ladies, this stuff really works! It relaxes you and clears your mind. It resets your mind to a calmer place. Sounds good, right? They have a whole line of Stress Relief products – candles, pillow mist, lotions, etc.
  • After you take your relaxing bubble bath, prepare a nice, healthy meal. Since I am on this new healthy lifestyle, I’ll say prepare and eat a healthy meal.
  • After the relaxing bath, the healthy meal (or snack), your eyes will start to feel heavy, and you’ll start to feel the magic of Aromatherapy sinking in. I love that feeling! Goodnight.

4. Catch-Up on Some Mag Reading

There’s nothing like catching up some reading when there is peace and quiet around the house. Me, personally, I like catching up on my favorite magazine issues. One of my favorites is HGTV. They have all types of tips and DIY stuff that I can surely “try” and do and the new trending colors and patterns for the home.

One of the best things about catching up on reading is that I don’t have to physically go to a newsstand and buy the latest issues. I can pull up any issues on my tablet’s app – Texture magazine. This digital magazine subscriptions gives me what I need for all my magazine reading, without the hassle of going to a store to pick one up. I ready the issues as soon as they come out! Hot off the press. LOL!

If you’re interested (who does not love a good mag?), Texture offers free trials!

Ladies, those are my tips and I hope you have a chance to put them to use. Comment below with any other ideas are suggestions you have.

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Maximize your FREE time with the kids are away! Take care of yourself and have loads of fun with these awesome, productive tips!

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