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Tamar Braxton Releases New Music – “My Man”

Grammy-nominated R&B artist, Tamar Braxton, recently released some new tunes.

The new single, “My Man,” is inspired by Braxton’s parents, who divorced many years ago as a result of their father’s infidelity.

On their hit WeTV reality show, Braxton Family Values, the painful divorce is much-talked about among the Braxton sisters.

On a recent episode of the show, Tamar Braxton invites her mother and sisters to the studio to listen to the new track.

She tells her mother and sisters:

I wrote it about Mom, her experience with daddy…how I felt that she felt.

Listen to the snippet of the song in the clip below:

In the bridge of the track, she passionately sings:

Is this my life?
It cuts me like a knife
To know the one I love could leave me for a friend
I’m not desperate, but I would reconsider (baby, are you sorry?)
All the years I put in this thing to be a win
I know it’s too late
She took my man (took my man)

Ouch! Talk about some serious heartbreak!

She is giving us big sister Toni Braxton vibes! And catch the Lenny Williams rift towards the end! Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh…

You can download now via Amazon or iTunes.

It’s time to #XpressYourself – what do you think about the song?


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