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Werk It! My 5 Budget-Friendly Essentials to a Productive Workout

[ap_dropcaps style=”ap-normal”]O[/ap_dropcaps]ne of the most challenging things in life is getting rid of unwanted pounds.

I, for one, have been trying for months, and I’m doing…meh. 

Like with anything else, some days are better than others.

It has been proven by Doctors that the best way to achieve weight loss and to keep it off is traditional diet and exercise.

Period. No frills, no thrills.

Just to prove how much I’ve been talking about the importance of diet and exercise, I talked about in my personal Tumblr blog back in 2014.

I talk a lot about my weight loss journey in a previous post here —>> My Snapback on Snapchat.

Now that exercising has become one of my many routines on the weekends, I had to find ways to be productive while working out.

Currently, I walk two miles on Saturdays and Sundays. I’m hoping to increase my mileage in the weeks to come.

Thanks to my sweet, little son, I now incorporate a little jogging into the mix.

I’m getting better and stronger by the day.

Productive Workout

In order to continue on this path, I’ve incorporated five budget-friendly essentials to keep my workouts productive:

1. The Thirst is Real 

What I’m about to say will make you gasp –

I don’t like water.

Seriously, I don’t.

In order for me to drink it, (1) the water must be cold and possibly on the rocks (2) I’d prefer to have fruit in my water to give it some flavor.

I found this really nifty water container on Amazon that has a filter for sliced fruit.

So now I add my strawberries, cucumbers, lemon and lime wedges inside the filter to give my water some added flavor.

You can now have some natural, fruit-flavored water at your fingertips. Sweet! Literally.

2. Enjoy a Hands-Free Workout 

When taking strolls at the park, the last thing I need is to be holding my cell phone, keys, ID, etc.

I saw this cool-fitting pouch that fits all my essentials in one little cushy spot.

I’m not talking about the old-school, bulky pouches back in the day. I’m talking about a pouch that fits snuggly against your waist while securely holding all your goodies. The technical term is, “athletic running belt.”

Now you can walk and jog in peace without distractions.

Take a look at my pouch in the image below.

Check out my Bluetooth earpiece around my neck and my athletic belt (pouch)

3. Please Don’t Stop the Music! 

Music is one of the keys to a successful workout.

For me, there’s nothing like listening to my workout playlist while trying to jog off some calories.

You can have an empowering, fulfilling workout listening to your music – unwired.

I don’t like dealing with any types of wires when I’m focused on a good workout so I invested in wireless Bluetooth earpieces that I adore.

I wear them around my neck all day, even at work. Take a look at the image above.

You can use them to answer your phone calls, listen to audio and get your workout on!

4. Track Your Physical Progress 

One day, the hubby and I were walking on the track together and he mentioned matching FitBits.

FitBits are like watches that track your physical progress, even your sleep patterns.

Keeping progress of your exercise is another key to some sure-fire, positive results.

The FitBit’s comes in all types of colors for both men and women.

There are even some step challenges you can do with other FitBit users.

One of my favorite features —>>> Save with Qapital each time you reach your Fitbit step goal. Find out more about Qapital + Fitbit here.

5. Werk It Out @ Home


Due to time constraints, I can only go to the park on the weekends.

And although I walk about 4.5 miles per weekend, it’s not enough!

So, I decided to start working out at home during the week so I can burn as many calories as possible.

Back in the day, I tried the Food Lovers Weight Loss System, and it was a great system indeed. The only downside, you had to prepare and cook your own meals and I am not about that life. It worked out okay back then because I was not working full-time, so I had the time.

They provided you with the recipe cards, but sometimes the ingredients required were not at the grocery store I shopped at, so it made it a little inconvenient for me.

Companies like Blue Apron is a great place to start when it comes to food preparation. They put ALL the ingredients in a box for you and ship directly to your door. That’s the type of convenience I need.

I said all that to say…

When I was apart of that weight loss system, it came with a workout DVD by nutritionist and trainer, Robert Ferguson – The Essential 12 Minute Workouts (Fat Burner / Muscle Maker / Burn & Tone / Fight the Fat Kickboxing)

My mother and I did these exercises every night and it only required a few minutes of our time.

And it worked.

Plus, I have some free weights at home that will aid me in my workout process.

Gone girl and get your life – it’s worth it!

I truly hope these tips will help you have a much better workout. Since I know I needed to have exercise as part of my life, I had to do something to make it all worthwhile…and I succeeded.

It’s time to #XpressYourself! Do you already use some of these tips? Do you have any tips you want to share?


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