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Golden State Warriors Birthday Bash

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Jayden’s ‘BIG 10’ Birthday Bash Was a Slam Dunk! [Photos]

It’s no secret that my son loves NBA Champions team, the Golden State Warriors.

His favorite player whom he knows all his stats is the unstoppable point guard, Stephen Curry.

Weeks before his upcoming 10th birthday, my son asked if he could have a Golden State Warriors party with all the bells and whistles.

He’s now part of the “double digit committee” so I had to oblige and do everything I could to pull this thing off frugally…and I did.

His dad and I collaborated and were able to set a budget for one of the best parties of Jayden’s life.

We hosted his ‘BIG 10 Birthday Bash’ at one of his favorite entertainment spots – Dave & Buster’s!

Since most of our budget went towards the venue, I intelligently used the remainder to buy frugal decor items!

I budgeted $100 for the cake, decor, party favors, his gift and any last minute extras. 

Here’s the breakdown:

Golden State Warriors Birthday Bash


The ‘Golden State’ Dessert – $20.00

Jayden wanted to go a different route instead of the usual sheet cake or cupcakes, he wanted a cookie cake!

When I ordered online via HEB and saw the price, I was in great shock!

In a good way.

The price was only $8.99/each, so I bought two chocolate chip cookie cakes for under $20! Sweeeettttt! Literally.

The Decor & More – $60.00

One of the things I was most excited about is the decor for the party.

We had a dedicated area at Dave & Buster’s and they gave me the free will to decorate as I may…and I took advantage of that!

We reserved the party for about 12 kids.

My first stop was one of my favorite frugal and fabulous stores – yes, you guessed it – Dollar Tree.

I tell people all the time to NOT sleep on Dollar Tree. They really have useful and convenient items for one dollar.

I bought blue and yellow tablecloths, blue and gold party beads, party favor sweet treats, and little toys for the party favor bags.

My best purchase from Dollar Tree was the picture frames. They added a great touch to the table decor wrapped with party beads. I designed the prints myself and printed them in color. Super easy.

Since the party was sporty, I wanted to buy some sports drink with basketball labels to make it all tie together.

I went to Pinterest (I’m an addict) and found these easy-to-do basketball printed labels – FOR FREE! Just print, cut with scissors and tape around the sports bottle. Done.

I also stopped by Party City to grab some mini treat boxes, some basketball-wrapped chocolate candy balls, yellow and blue balloons, candles, and party favor basketball-type toys.

The ‘Golden’ Gift – $20.00

As mentioned, Jayden is a HUGE Stephen Curry fan so I had to find something that I know he’ll enjoy and definitely use for about $20, since I already used up $80 for the cookie cake and decor.

I found this autographed Spalding basketball by Stephen Curry and it was perfect!

I found it at one of my favorite online superstores, Amazon, for only $20.00! I shopped around to see if I could find a better price, but Amazon won the sale!

See, I met my budget right at $100.00! Slam dunk! 🏀

Check out images from the Golden State Warriors party below.

For Jayden’s party invites that I had no time to devote to, I paid $5 to have a freelance designer hook it up over at Fiverr!

How did I do? All pictured items are on my Pinterest board as well. Go and pin some stuff (it can be so addicting!)

What are some ways that you throw frugal and fabulous events? Let me know in the comments below.

Smooches! ❤️

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