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SNIP, SNIP_ I Chopped & Screwed My Hair, But Never Lost My Shine!


SNIP, SNIP: I Chopped & Screwed My Hair, But Never Lost My Shine! [Photos]

Picture it (only ‘Golden Girls’ fans can appreciate this) Texas, February 2017, on a Sunday evening, a woman well in her 30’s washing and conditioning her hair.

Afterward, she attempts to comb out her tangled, wet hair with all her might.

Then, suddenly, out of pure frustration and impatience, she pulls out her sharp shears and angrily snips the top middle section of her hair, leaving barely an inch.

Xpressionists, that woman was ME.

Ha! You probably figured that out while you were reading this, right?

True story, y’all. After having long and thick tresses pretty much since I was an 8-year-old, I chopped and screwed it!

Chopped it off out of pure frustration and anger and screwed it because I screwed it up!

(Shameless plug: H-Town, what’s up? Chopped & screwed, baby!)

Okay, back to the hair drama…

Imagine having just barely an inch of hair in the center of your crown while the rest is still long!

Really? Who does that? Me, apparently.

You’ve probably read about this unfortunate hair drama a few emails ago, but I’ve got photos to show you:

My Long Hair (Before the Chopped & Screwed Drama)

While I did make a stupid mistake, I never lost my shine.

My Chopped & Screwed Hair

How I Kept My Shine:

I kept my shine by having: (1) an extremely positive attitude about it (my mom, on the other hand, was not too happy – sorry mom).

Oh, and my husband was not excited either. Sorry, honey bun!

(2) For the most part, I’ve been using the same hair products for years! Whenever I couldn’t make it to the salon, I heavily relied on these products to get me through.

As in the photos, you’ll see that my hair is naturally jet black (like my mama’s) and that the shine is still present.

These products are not pricey either, and I used them when I had long, flowing tresses and still use them with my short and sassy cut!

Here’s the list (affiliate links, good people):

Ginseng Miracle Wonder 8 Oil Hair/Body Mist – This stuff is my favorite. It’s liquid GOLD! My hair is so pretty and glossy only after a few spritz. Actually, I need to go ahead and order more, I’m almost out. Yep, it can go on your bawdy, too. Read the awesome reviews on Amazon.

Conair Mini Pro Ceramic Styler – Since my hair is now short and sweet, I needed a mini flat iron to travel with in my purse in case one of my curls wanted to get crazy. (Ladies, you know what I mean.) This baby can fit into your purse or your gym bag.

Olive Oil Sheen Spray – I have to thank my sister for this one. She introduced me to this like way back in the day and I still use it because it works!

Conair De-tangling Brush – My hair is mean. And when it’s mean, it tangles so easily and some of my stylists in the past had to use all their arm muscle to get it detangled. This brush really helps a great deal.

Motions Foaming Wrap Lotion – I hate sitting under the hair dryer.  I repeat – I hate sitting under the hair dryer. But, guess what? It’s one of the best methods for a long-lasting hairstyle. One of my good friends from my college days used to do my hair (cause it looked a hot mess) and I distinctly recall her using Motion’s foaming wrap lotion, and my hair was giving all kinds of shine, volume, and longevity. I still use this stuff. Thanks, Jessica!

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due:

I’m not all about self. I love shining (no pun intended) the light on the people who enhanced my life when it came to my hair drama.

There are women in my life that have helped me with my hair when it was long and when it was short (still short, but growing back a lot…yay!)

Shout-out to my sister, Brenda, and best friend, Audrey, who has helped me with my hair when I did not want to do anything to it at ALL but pull it back in a raggedy ponytail. I thank you for your patience with me. (I hold a bad head when getting my hair washed, yall!)

Katrina Hackney – Thank you so much for keeping my hair strong, healthy and flowing each and every time I came to your salon. You had to put me in check a few times because I would not take care of my hair (like combing it out) before coming to you. Ha!

You also taught me to always protect my hair with a scarf or bonnet before going to sleep, regardless of the hairstyle. Each and every time you styled my hair, I received so many compliments.

If you’re in Houston, inbox Katrina on Facebook if you need your hair slayed!  Slaymaster!

Debbie Allen – Ms. Debbie is my current stylist. She looked at me crazy after she discovered how I chopped off the middle section of my head. Actually, I think she is still confused about this. Ha!

Needless to say, she had no choice but to chop off my hair to make it even with the part that I cut.

She gives me some tell-it-like-it-is-no-holding-back tips and advice about my hair and my hair is growing like crazy! She said I will have a cute little bob by the end of the year. Nice!

She’s been in the biz for a long time and carries a wealth of knowledge. If you’re in Cali (she relocated from Cali to the “H” and goes back once a month to style dedicated clients) or Houston, you can book her through Style Seat (referral link).

Like this post? You can definitely pin the image below. I’m pretty darn addicted to Pinterest myself.

It’s time to Xpress Yourself – Have you been thru any hair drama(s) of your own? We want to know about them! Drop that hair drama in the comments below.

Who says you need tresses to keep your shine? Nah, I don't think so. I'm a survivor and I worked my way through the hair drama - you can too!

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