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Spider-Man & Snocones: A Timeless Date With My “Wittle” Man In Training [Photos]

Summer’17 kicked off in high gear with my son’s summer camp, me working long days (full-time corporate job + blogging) and tons of birthday parties and events!

Whew! That’s a lot, right?

Jayden (my wittle man) turned the ‘BIG 10′ in June and he’s feeling (and eating) like a BIG man. I like to say ”

I like to say “wittle” at times because he’s still a baby in my eyes.

He’s still in a little man in training, of course. He practiced his “manly” skills by opening doors for me and allowing me to take my seat first. Makes you just say, “awwww!”

We’ve been so busy with this HOT summer and it really felt good to take a few steps back from all of our many activities and events to spend some quality time with each other.

Recently, the new Spider-man movie was released and Jayden, who is a big fan by the way, definitely wanted to go see the movie – in 3D.

(Side note for the parents: Kids have all these expensive requests, but don’t want to spend their own money! He wanted to watch the movie in 3D, and then he wanted the biggest bag of popcorn, candy, and a king-sized ICEE! Seriously? )

Okay, back to our timeless date…

First Stop: 

We went to grab some snocones from one of our favorite summer spots, Bahama Bucks, and it was so good and juicy! (he wanted a king-size there too and I was not having it – spend your own dough, kid!)

Last Stop: 

We checked out Spider-man: Homecoming.

What an awesome movie! I am not really into the superhero-type movies, but Jayden definitely is and he had an amazing time!

I don’t want to give major spoiler alerts, but I was so glad to see Michael Keaton. He’s such a great actor. He’s still my favorite Batman (my hubby looks at me a little cray-cray when I mention that!) ‘Ironman’ also made a few humorous appearances in the movie.

[Interesting Fact: According to Deadline, the ‘Ironman’ character, played by Robert Downey Jr., reportedly received around $5 million a day for 3 days to shoot SpiderMan: Homecoming!]

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Photos From Our Date:

The movies can sometimes be a little chilly, so Jayden wore his super cool Spider-Man jacket that he got for Christmas last year.

And, he even owns a Spider-Man bedding set.

Yup, he’s definitely a super fan!

Our timeless date was amazing and I cannot wait until we do it again. Just me and my wittle fella in training.

The best part about this date was our meaningful conversation. We learned so much from each other. See, we can learn from our kids too, parents.

QT W/KIDS: We learned so much from each other. See, we can learn from our kids too, parents.Click To Tweet

I wanted Jayden to give you guys a movie recap on camera, but he is a little shy sometimes. He declined. LOL!

If you’re looking for date ideas for you and your wittle one, I strongly suggest going to see Spider-man: Homecoming – it was amazeballs! And, I’ll also be updating my ‘Kidspiration‘ Pinterest board so you can come and grab quick ideas as well.

NEXT STOP: A day with my girlfriends! We’ll be going to see the movie, Girls Trip!


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Date nights are so very important in ANY relationship. Especially, with your wittle man in training. You can learn something (like I did!)

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