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7 YouTube Videos That Serves HUGE Doses of Inspiration

As I have said many times, being a blogger is not for the faint heart.

You truly have to have a knack and passion to keep it going and, most importantly, remain consistent.

I have a number of supporters around me who cheers for me for all my hard work and I appreciate all the xpressions of love. ❤️

One of the things that also keeps me fueled with energy to churn out these blog posts are inspirational videos.

I love me some YouTube. They have so many inspo vids uploaded every single day.

Some of you may be totally obsessed with your Facebook and Instagram feeds. My obsession? My YouTube feed.

I become so giddy when I see the YouTube icon in my notifications bar.

Here are (7) videos that serve huge doses of inspiration (and I’m sure you’ll find them full of inspo as well!) Enjoy! 📽️

This post contains affiliate links which pays to keep this blog loaded with oodles of fresh, new content.

1. Shameless Maya

I just love her and her courageous will to seamlessly (at least that’s what she made it look like) move on to something that was so befitting for her.

Despite her many setbacks, she has proved (and still proving) that she can win…shamelessly.

Maya has an amazing platform on YouTube that includes many inspirational and how-to videos.

2. Iyanla Vanzant

This woman, this jewel, this beloved queen, has me almost speechless…

Her in-your-face realness is just what we need in an effort to shape us into living in our divine purpose.

She’s written inspirational books, has a hit TV show on OWN (Iyanla, Fix My Life) and now has a regular YouTube series giving guidance on relationships.

She’s one of the people who can talk that talk because she has literally walked the walk.

3. Gary Vaynerchuk

This guy here. Raw.

His sporadic motivational speeches give me the chills. I can feel his words piercing through my soul. His words of wisdom give me so much hope.

Hey, you may even catch him in your neighborhood, your park, your community giving FREE advice on how to be a better YOU!

Take me, for example, I felt like being in my 30’s was a little too old to be a “blogger.” I felt like blogging was for the 20-somethings. But after watching some of Gary’s videos…

needless to say, I’m still blogging! Whaaaaat?


4. Issa Rae

Is it weird to be obsessed with someone’s talent and personality?

Well, call me weird because I am obsessed with Issa Rae.

She is a creative powerhouse. With her award winning YouTube series (super dope, by the way), her best-selling book and now a pivotal show on one of the biggest networks (HBO), Insecure.

I’m inspired because of her transparency to say, “I’m awkward!”

How many of us will use a major platform to create a web series and write a book about our awkwardness? 

Slim chance, right?

She did it and she’s winning – at everything!

5. Queen Maxine Waters

I have three words for you, my friend – “reclaiming my time!”

If you’re not aware of those powerful, motivating words from Auntie Maxine, have you been hiding under a rock?

This political queen has taken the world by storm with her aggressive gracefulness.

Truth be told, I am not at all into politics like that (I know, I know, shame on me), but Mrs. Waters leaves me no choice! I am hooked on the way she delivers her outspokenness and her rawness.

When she speaks, you better listen! Hey, Auntie!

6. Patrice Washington

At the beginning of the year, I made it my mission to get my financial house in order in terms of savings, repairing my credit, making more money, etc.

Sometimes, you just don’t know where to start or even how to. And then came “America’s Money Maven,” and author, Patrice Washington to the rescue!

I have much respect for anyone who has actually been thru the trenches and climbed their way out piece by piece, and Mrs. Washington did just that!

Not only does she help you de-clutter your financial woes, she is also a champion of helping us to redefine wealth and chase purpose – not money!

7. Necole Kane

You may not know her as Necole Kane, but what about Yep, that’s her!

Necole used to be the brains behind the very popular (and extremely successful) celebrity gossip brand, Necole Bitchie. Then one day, she had an epiphany and realized she was not living in her purpose.

I saved this video for last because I have a lot to say about this one:

As you know, Blog Xpressions was born March 31, 2015, on a hope and a prayer that I can reach women to help educate and enrich their lives.

I, in no way, wanted to be labeled as a “gossip blogger” because it’s just was not my thing.

I, instead, wanted to focus on the positive sides of entertainment, promoting womanhood and making my blog a space to come to for some education, inspiration and a few doses of laughs.

Fast forward to July 2, 2015, Necole decided to end her website and create a more positive site for women of color.

So, now, Necole and I both share a common goal – to reach women in a positive way.

In this video, she details her journey:

Which was your favorite video? Do you have any videos you’d like to share with us? Great! Just add the link in the comments and let’s discuss!

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Sometimes you just need to be uplifted. There are many ways to do that! The easiest and quickest way? Inspirational YouTube videos! There are (7) that I am addicted to! See for yourself...and thank me later.

Smooches! ❤️

Sometimes you just need to be uplifted. There are many ways to do that! The easiest and quickest way? Inspirational YouTube videos! There are (7) that I am addicted to! See for yourself...and thank me later.

Entertainment addict - yes! Celebrity gossip - NO! I blog about all things entertainment and lifestyle , which includes, but not limited to: new music, movies, TV shows, books, parenting, food, finance tips, etc. Blog Xpressions caters to and celebrates women! We like to empower, educate and enrich lives!



  1. Pamela

    August 8, 2017 at 9:41 am

    You hit it head on with all these powerhouse, inspirational speakers. I really enjoyed this blog. I recently watched Oprah Winfrey’s impowering speech at the Essence Festival. To say it was awesome is an understatement. Her speech to the graduating class at Spellman University will inspire anyone to run on and see what the end is going to be. Last but certa6not lease is my mentor and favorite voice of all times , Ms. Maya Angelou. There are many YouTube video5on her for you to choose from. They are all exceptional!

    Thank you for every effort you embark upon to inspire and empower another. You are on the path to greatness. I’ll say “I knew her when!”

    • Veronica Green

      August 8, 2017 at 9:55 am

      Hey Pam!

      Oh, my! I am so overjoyed about your encouraging and positive comments. Thanks so much for supporting me. I truly appreciate your #xpressions! Your comments literally brightened my day. This is the reason I keep pushing.
      Also, thanks for sharing your favorite inspirational videos. I’ll be sure to check’em out!
      Have an awesome week! 🙂
      Blessings back at ya!

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