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10 Returning Fall Shows That We Can’t Get Enough of…

The Fall season is creeping its way to the forefront and I’m not sure how I feel about it…yet.

When the seasons change, so does the fashion, the weather, then that darn time change.

Like many others, we’re just not a fan of the Falls’ time change. It gets dark so early – makes you feel like your day is over. Bummer.

However, there is a plus side to the upcoming season – the return of Fall TV shows! (And the crowd cheers!)

If not evident enough, one of our ongoing topics here at Blog Xpressions is #TVXpressions where we chat about TV shows. We love watching us some TV, y’all!

Our social media is always popping (especially Twitter) tweeting our reactions to all the popular shows with the juicy story lines.

We have some interaction in our Facebook group, too! And boy are we some opinionated Xpressionists!

There are roughly (10) TV shows that wrap us in balls of emotions. Sometimes we forget it’s only TV and not real life!

Grab some popcorn and wine and get ready to indulge into some heavy tube action!

1. ‘This Is Us’ – Season 2

When this show first came out, there was so much noise about how good this show was. So being the TV fanatic that I am, I had to see for myself, so I binged watched the show on HULU (referral link) and I immediately became addicted after the first episode! Seriously.

There is so much gut-wrenching, heart-wrenching, tear dropping content during every scene. And I love how it goes back in time, and then switches to the current time (without any confusion!)

It’s like a time machine. The cast is phenomenal. And the writing? Genius.

If you have not watched this show, I suggest you catch-up before the season 2 start-up – Tuesday, September 26 @ 9/8c on NBC.

Get a sneak peek of season 2 in the social post below:

2. ‘Law & Order: SVU’ – Season 19

After you read the title, you immediately heard the classic Law & Order theme song, right?

This show has been on the TV circuit for 19 seasons – what a major accomplishment.

We love us some “Olivia Benson” (played by the amazing Mariska Hargitay) and what she brings to the show.

I am really starting to believe she’s in law enforcement for real. Although we still miss “Elliot Stabler,” her partner for many seasons (Christopher Meloni), this show is still one to beat!

Wouldn’t be wise for us to say ‘catch-up’ on this show – it’s 18 seasons for heaven sake! But, you can sporadically watch it on HULU to get an idea of the characters and their story lines.

Make sure you have your TV essentials in order (pun intended) before the season premieres on Wednesday, September 27 @ 9/8c on NBC!

3. ‘Star’ – Season 2

Here’s another show that I heard a lot of noise about.

A trio of young women trying to work their way up to super stardom. Along the journey, comes a wealth of scary challenges.

The price to fame is, well, priceless.

And, plus, we just love us some Queen Latifah! Hey, Queen!

Make sure you pour a sizeable portion of wine and get ready to set your eyes on this musical drama.

Season 2 kicks off Wednesday, September 27 @ 9/8c on FOX! 

Catch-up now on HULU!

4. ‘The Real’ – Season 4

I LOVE this daytime show! This is a special show to me because it reminds me of what we chat about here at Blog Xpressions! The show is co-lead by (4) women, who comes from different walks of life and they each bring something special to the table – Adrienne Houghton, Tamera Mowry-Housely, Loni Love and Jeannie Mai.

On The Real, they chat about relationships, makeup segments, giveaways, food, etc. Basically, it’s a lifestyle show, like Blog Xpresions.

The only difference is, they are an Emmy nominated TV show and I am an on-the-rise blogger! (Two snaps, owww!)

This season will be a little different because they will now be going LIVE! The pressure is ON!

Don’t miss out on all “the real” action (pun intended) when season 4 kicks off LIVE Monday, September 18 on FOX!

5. ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ – Season 4

OMG! This show is NUTS!

First of all, the show stars one of my favorite actresses – Oscar winner, Viola Davis!

And, guess what? We share the same BURFDAY…whaaaaaat? Yep, she’s a LEO!

HTGAWM is a suspenseful thriller centered around law professor, “Annalise Keating” (played by Davis) and a group of her “chosen” law students. The things they do on this show makes me question real-life law students. Crazy.

You better “get away” (pun intended) from the madness of the world, plop on your sofa and watch this goodie when it premieres Thursday, September 28 @ 10/9c on ABC!

You can play catch-up now on HULU!

6. ‘Scandal’ – Season 7 (the final season)

All good things must come to an end. And the long-running hit show, Scandal, is on their way out the door.

This TGIT show, starring Kerry Washington, is a political drama surrounding the White House and problem-fixer, “Olivia Pope.”

As many of you probably know, this show was created by head writer and producer, Shonda Rhimes (as well as HTGAWM, see # 5 above).

I can honestly say, this show was the reason I started #TVXpressions. There were so many, “whoa,” “ouch,” “no way,” “Who is that?” moments. So much of our Twitter action stems from this roller coaster of a show.

Again, you cannot tell me that some of the stuff that goes on in this show is not happening in real life. Things that make you go, “mmmm.”

Go “handle” it (pun intended) and make sure you watch the premiere of the final season on Thursday, October 5 @ 9/8c on ABC!

Catch-up NOW on HULU!

7. ‘Fuller House’ – Season 3

I am one of those people who say, “let a classic show stay a classic show.”

I feel like when you try to bring back a highly successful series of new characters and story lines, it just does not work. It dims the light on the success of the show.

I was wrong about Fuller House.

The entire cast is on the show with the exception of the “Michelle” character played by the Olsen twins.

Now that the kids are grown up with lives and kids of their own, we see how they work thru it all without the immediate rescue of Danny, Joey and Uncle Jesse.

They are already headed to season 3 on Netflix. Too bad it’s not on broadcast TV, but, hey, at least the ratings are still shining and “full” (pun intended).

Catch-up on both seasons now on Netflix and watch the season 3 premiere starting September 22 on Netflix! 

8. black•ish – Season 4

Say hello to the Johnson family!

Oh, how I love this show starring comedian Anthony Anderson and Golden Globe winner & comedienne, Tracee Ellis Ross.

I love both of them together as husband and wife on this hit show. They work so well together.

blackish is the modern day Cosby Show – two successful married people with thriving careers, a house full of interesting kids and some sassy, intrusive parents!

This is one of the shows that showcase black people in a more positive light. The stereotype is that we are uneducated, have kids out of wedlock, always on government assistance and that we are “ghetto.”

blackish proves this is ALL wrong!

Play catch-up on HULU!

Get your ish (pun intended) together and make sure you stick around for the season 4 premiere on Tuesday, October 3 @ 9/8c on ABC!

9. Lethal Weapon – Season 2

Here’s another case where I thought, “let a classic show stay a classic show.”

I was wrong about Lethal Weapon as well.

Damon Wayans (“Roger Murtaugh”) and Clayne Crawford (“Martin Riggs”) are doing a job well done as the incompatible, hilarious cop duo.

I’m sure the original ‘Murtaugh’ (Danny Glover) and ‘Riggs’ (Mel Gibson) are very proud.

Hey, they did well enough to snag another season!

You can catch-up on the first season now before season two premieres Tuesday, September 26 @ 8/7c on FOX!

10. ‘Queen Sugar’ – Season 2

When I first saw the promos for this hit OWN TV show, I was like, “here we go again with yet another show!”

I’m glad I gave it a chance, because like ‘This is Us,’ Queen Sugar is one of the best shows out there.

Created by mega media maven Oprah Winfrey and directHER, Ava Duvernay, this show is centered around three estranged siblings as they individually and collectively battle challenges after their father’s unexpected death.

Catch-up on season 1 on HULU and watch the season two midseason premiere on October 3 & 4 @ 10/9c on OWN TV!

Do you have any Fall shows that you’ve become overly obsessed with?

#Xpressyourself in the comments!

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The premiere of Fall TV shows are coming your way! Find out about 10 shows that we are anxiously waiting to see!

Smooches! ❤

The premiere of Fall TV shows is coming your way! Find out about 9 shows that we are anxiously waiting to see!

Entertainment addict - yes! Celebrity gossip - NO! I blog about all things entertainment and lifestyle , which includes, but not limited to: new music, movies, TV shows, books, parenting, food, finance tips, etc. Blog Xpressions caters to and celebrates women! We like to empower, educate and enrich lives!



  1. Cookie Jasper

    December 20, 2017 at 9:33 am

    You know I’ve never watched Queen Sugar! And I lovesss me some Scandal. I need to get some binging going!! I work at night so I run errands and sleep during the days. So I’ll have to check this Hulu thing out!

  2. Brenda Griffin

    December 20, 2017 at 10:58 am

    Like I have said before I love this Blog it is the best ever. Thanks for just informing us of all the upcoming shows that are ahead and the updates.

  3. Jackie Roberson

    December 21, 2017 at 9:15 am

    I watch 5 of the returning 10 shows my nights will be busy!!!!

  4. Michael

    December 21, 2017 at 1:07 pm

    Don’t forget “POWER”

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