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Toni Braxton Releases New Music – “Deadwood”

So, memba’ that time when sultry sangin’ superstar, Toni Braxton, tried to retire from music?

As her Braxton Family Values co-star and sister, Tamar Braxton, would say, “she triiiieeeddd it!”

Yep, she tried it and Babyface had to reel back in the Grammy-winning superstar and tell her it’s way too soon to be droppin’ the mic!

After teaming up with Babyface for a collaborative album back in 2014, they won a Grammy!

Whaaaaaaat? Who does that? Toni Braxton!

Now, the BFV reality TV star has released a new single titled, “Deadwood.”

An accompanying video should be released soon. Can’t wait to see it!

Check out a snippet below and comment with your thoughts:

The single is out right now folks! I have listened on Spotify and I’m in love with it.

Toni stays true to her roots. She know what her fans love to hear.

Yassssss, Toni!

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