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GUEST POST: Come Join Us at the Monthly Wine Down Social Party! Details Inside…

Hey, beautiful people! Happy New Year to Y’all!

And yasss, fear not – OneTuf Cookie is here to get this 2018 party started!

I am revved up to do a new thing in life this year. I won’t get into the tug-of-war conversation of “resolutions” but I will say this:

Life moves fast.

Last year took us all for a doozie. I found myself wishing things would slow down for a second quite often! How do we get that? There has to be a way to figure this out.

So, for one thing, I just want to make a conscious effort to get more out of life for me! More me time!

We all run busy lives and this year I’ve decided to make some time for myself to purposely unwind, meditate and make myself a priority from time to time. This includes making moves towards my dreams, creating a space of love and home for me and my inner circle – simply getting back to the basics.

So, for 2018, I have teamed up with Blog Xpressions for a feature series that I am very excited about!

We will feature a bottle of wine each month that I will review, elaborate on and hopefully you’ll join in the convo and tell me what you think as well.


We’ll learn together about different types of wines, pairings and be connoisseurs in our right! Are you ready to be the Queen of the Wine Down?

Let’s get it started…

Choosing which wine to feature for January was invigorating: Let’s pop open a bottle of Rosé! This wine is synonymous for celebrations. The brand I chose is called Relax. Perfect!

As you can see in the image, you won’t break the bank buying this rosy wine for under $10 at your local Walmart. There is no excuse to not wine down!

So, let’s learn what Rosé exactly is:

It is a blush-colored wine that is slightly dry, crisp and slightly sweet.

It is made when the skins from red grapes ferment for a short period of time. The primary flavors of rosé wine are red fruit, flowers, citrus, and melon. I certainly tasted a light hint of citrus. The wine is actually great in cocktails. It is best served cold and pairing suggestions include salads, light pasta dishes and seafood.

This wine definitely had me relaxed {pun intended – haha} and ready for a nice cozy night on the sofa or bed for that matter!

All I needed was a warm blankie (snuggly, too!) and a good book to complete this turn-down, so I headed on over to Amazon to grab me a copy of “Catching Feelings” by one of my team members and author, Auketria Manor! Oh, yes – this “me-time” thing is definitely off to a great start!

Share this on social media so everyone can be a part of our wine down social.

During some of the months, we’ll pop-up on video LIVE being social-and-stuff, doing us, and, of course, “wining” down.

Take wine down. Relax. More "me time." More YOU! Every month, we will feature a wine, that will help you relax & re-group, while being friendly to your budget. So, come in and join our wine dine social!

One Tuf Cookie

Entertainment/Lifestyle Blogger

One Tuf Cookie is a wife, mother, and a full time college student with a passion to just live life to the fullest!

MISSION STATEMENT: “Posting about squeezing the fun out of life because life is for the living!”

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