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The Monthly Wine Down Social Party – February 2018

The Monthly Wine Down Social Party – February 2018

Hey there, Xpressionists! Welcome to February – you’re gonna LOVE this month’s wine!

Not sure what the Monthly Wine Down is? Read this introductory post with all the deets.

I always say the reds are the “Express Trains” of wine. On the journey to tipsy, the red will always get you there faster!

Red wines are ideally sipped slowly, but that might be a challenge with this tasty pick. So without further delay- The wine of the month for February 2018 is (drumroll please…)

ROSCATO! The brand chosen was a no-brainer. I went with “Rocato Rosso Dolce” Sweet Red. If the bottle looks familiar, it may be because Olive Garden restaurants are smiled on quite often for carrying this selection. It is de-lish!

Just to give you a little knowledge on what Roscato is:

From Italy, it is a semi-sweet red wine that is very slightly dry.

Honestly, in my opinion, it is the perfect amount of sweet. It is very smooth and the taste gives you vibes of black cherry, deep grapes and maybe even blackberry. This pick is definitely a winner!

With it being February, it made a perfect choice for creating an atmosphere of romance, relaxation, and calm. Just to be fun, I bought some finger snacks (apple slices and chocolate), Uno Cards and Valentine’s Conversation Hearts along with the wine.

I figured this wine would make a good start for a “TV off/ Cozy Socks On” kind of night and boy was I right!

The bottle only cost about $11 so my night was made complete with about twenty bucks. Being that you (are supposed to, ha-ha) indulge slowly, you may be able to get 2-3 nights of Wine Down here. Even if you don’t, trust me – you’ll be ready for the next bottle.

If you end up buying this wine, because of this informative post, please be sure to snap a pic and share with us on Instagram and please tag us so we can share.

Cheers to ROSCATO!

One Tuf Cookie is a wife, mother, and a full time college student with a passion to just live life to the fullest! MISSION STATEMENT: "Posting about squeezing the fun out of life because life is for the living!"

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