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The Monthly Wine Down Social Party – March 2018

The Monthly Wine Down Social Party – March 2018

Hello, MARCH!

Don’t you just love Spring?! It’s beautiful outside and everything is happy and bright! So how shall we wine down in Spring?

Well, for this month’s wine- I suggest Merlot. And for our March Merlot, I confess: I cheated a bit.  Ha-ha!

Merlot Wines are made from Merlot grapes. However, they are not usually sweet.

Most times, I like to set fruit in the wine to make a nice apple sangria to help things out a bit. A shortcut to the sweet is to go for what’s called a “red blend”. This month’s wine is made out of merlot grapes indeed but has other tasty ingredients that blossom through as well.

So, let’s learn about Merlot:

The word “Merlot” means The Little Blackbird in French- how sway for Spring! The Merlot Grape, the second most popular red grape in America. They make a deep romantic red colored wine perfect for dinner. The Merlot taste definitely takes some getting used to. It is more sweet than bitter due to the fruits they are made with. However, it has a quick experience of bite after the sip.

The wine brand I chose is called B. Lovely.  It is a light bodied (not too strong) wine and you can taste the hints of cherry in the sip.  It tastes deep and only a hint of sweet – you almost have to concentrate to find it! Since everyone isn’t into sweet wines, this wine made the cut because it definitely helped with the end-of-week wine down.

Tip: Swirl the wine in the glass a bit between sips. It helps the wine to aerate. Loosens things up a bit!

I bought this bottle from a wine bottle heaven called, “Total Wines.” It was less than 15 bucks!

Tag us in your wine down moments on Instagram! We would love to feature your insta-moments on our Insta-stories!

Cheers to a lovely wine down!

One Tuf Cookie is a wife, mother, and a full time college student with a passion to just live life to the fullest! MISSION STATEMENT: "Posting about squeezing the fun out of life because life is for the living!"

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