Toni Braxton Releases New Music – “Deadwood”

So, memba' that time when sultry sangin' superstar, Toni Braxton, tried to retire from music? As her Braxton Family Values co-star and sister, Tamar Braxton, would say, "she triiiieeeddd it!" Yep, she tried it and Babyface had to reel back in the Grammy-winning superstar and tell her it's way too soon to

Has the Evolution of Music Changed?

As a writer, it is important for me to use my art for good, for a divine purpose. Writing, for me, is an escape. Any type of art, whether it's writing, dancing, singing, etc., is supposed to be a form of your expressions, hence the name of my blog, Blog Xpressions. Now,

Tamar Braxton Releases New Music – “My Man”

rammy-nominated R&B artist, Tamar Braxton, recently released some new tunes. The new single, "My Man," is inspired by Braxton's parents, who divorced many years ago as a result of their father's infidelity. On their hit WeTV reality show, Braxton Family Values, the painful divorce is much-talked about among the Braxton sisters. On a