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The Busy Erica Campbell on the cover of Rolling Out Magazine

RO1Hey Guys –

Let’s take it a few weeks back – recall the post I did regarding time management. Now, let’s think Erica Campbell…if you combine the content of my post, plus Erica Campbell’s busy schedule, the result  = ONE BUSY WOMAN! One must think, how does she do it all. She works full time, overtime, being a wonderful mother to 3 kids and she’s married to her producer! Whew! That blew my socks off!

I speak so candidly about this, because like many other celebrities that I admire, I follow Erica’s career. Although I’m not busy as Erica, I know it’s a challenge to juggle multiple tasks. I watch her on their WeTv reality show, Mary Mary, and I clearly see she is a busy woman!

Erica has been working vigorously touring and promoting her successful, Grammy winning albums, Help and Help 2.0. Because she is widely known as being apart of a highly successful gospel group with sister Tina Campbell, she has to push a little harder to reach the people with her solo efforts. Her mission is reach the people by using a more contemporary style. I describe Erica as having a “gospel edge.” Her edge allows her to reach the unreachable. She shared a very inspirational story with Rolling Out magazine which clinched my heart and further proved how much she loves, honors and praises God:

Recount a time when you got an unexpected reminder that your life and career were on the right track.
Tina and I were doing an event called “Women of Faith” and it wasn’t just a concert, there was also comedy, music and dancing. So at the end of the event, we did an autograph table and this girl came running up to us really frantic. She said that she was an atheist, but she heard “God in Me” in the club, and loved the song. She said that she went and bought the record, but when she listened to the first song she thought, “I don’t want no gospel record ­— what is this?” But because she loved “God in Me” so much, she listened to it and at first she thought that maybe she’ll just go to church once. She ended up going to church and giving her life to God. It changed her whole life. She was crying and saying thank you so much. To me, that’s better than any award, a Grammy, or even a million albums sold. It’s better than the most famous person in the world talking about how much they love my music. To change someone’s life in that way is priceless. I think that’s the kind of stuff that makes God happy. That’s the only reason I do this.

Check out the full article HERE!

Now, after saying all of that, check out these beautiful images Mrs. Campbell did for Rolling Out magazine – she’s so beautiful!






















































Help 2.0 is available for download now on iTunes and Amazon Help 2.0

What do you guys think?

Smooches! ♥

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