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Watch Recap of the Super Bowl 50 Performances

Beyonce, Coldplay and Bruno Mars at the Pepsi Halftime Show (Photo Cred: NFL)

It is no secret that I am just not that into football. I know, I know…it’s America’s favorite sport, but I am not a all.

I love the creativity that takes places during the halftime performances and the witty commercials.

Here is the breakdown of  performances by Lady GaGa, Beyonce, Coldplay and Bruno Mars:

Lady Gaga

Gaga opened the Super Bowl singing the national anthem. She did an impeccable job! I had no idea she had those kind of pipes. Sure, I knew she could sing, by my, my, my – she was absolutely wonderful. I loved her wardrobe, too – dressed in red to pay homage to one of the colors of the U.S. flag – and those shoes – genius!

If you missed the performance, you can check it out here and then share your thoughts in the comments below:


Coldplay feat. Beyonce and Bruno Mars

Coldplay headlined the halftime show with a great performance playing a medley of their hits. Bruno Mars joined them on stage with a crew of dancers singing one of his hits and he brought so much energy and fire to the stage! He served us with his cool vibes and great dance routines. Last, but not least, Queen Bey entered the performance with her new single, “Formation,” which she released a day before the Super Bowl. Here were my takeaways from the electrifying performances combined:

– Check out Bey’s outfit…does it remind you of something? Through her wardrobe, Queen Bey paid tribute to the late great Michael Jackson. He wore a similar outfit during his Super Bowl performance back in 1993.

– What about Bey’s dancers? Remind you of a movement? Yep, you guessed it! The Black Panthers!

Beys Dancers
Beyonce’s dancers pays hommage to “The Black Panthers.”

– Loved the dance off between Queen Bey and Bruno Mars! They got the crowd jumping and screaming louder – what a positive way to keep the fans included and entertained.

– The message at the end of the performance read, “Believe in Love.” 

Check out the video here:

Alright people – I want to here from YOU! What did you think of the performances?


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