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Check Out Our November Monthly Favorites – Beauty Edition! (Guest Post)

November Favorities

It’s that time again ladies! Oh, yea! I’m coming with amazing new holiday sets and makeup products along with skin care! I can’t wait to tell you ladies all about it! November had so much to offer and I have so much to share!

You can package all these goodies together – it will make a great Christmas gift! Right? Or, you can include just one of these favorites in a bag full of other beauty stuff! Ideas, ideas, ideas coming thru!

Skincare + foundation + cheek/highlight sticks = A great Christmas gift bundle for one lucky lady!

Let’s get right into it!

Did Someone Say Skin?

Okay, there had been a ton of new goodies that came out and we’re talking skin! At Sephora, there’s this skincare line called, Tatcha! I’ve been using the balanced pore perfecting gel! You guys – it’s beyond amazing! Yes, a little pricey (about $65), but this is for makeup wearers like myself! You will instantly see a difference when you are wearing makeup or just on bare skin! The entire line is amazing but this baby here is my go-to! Literally minimized my pores, controlled the oiliness and gave my skin a beautiful non-oily glow! Yes, please! My next Tatcha product to try is the polished rice enzyme powder! This baby helps with uneven skin and pores! I will let you all know how that goes next month! So be sure and stay tuned and connected to Blog Xpressions to find out when the “December Favorites’ is published!

Laying Down the Foundation!

So I am THE foundation hoarder and let me tell you this foundation here! I’m like, “where have you been all my life?!” I’ve been using the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick! You guys, now I know I say a lot of foundations are my fave and “this is so amazing,” but, seriously! Take notes! I’m an oily combination skin in the T-zones (more on this in another blog post), so this baby here controls my oil all day, doesn’t separate, blends beautifully and delivers a full coverage! To me, it seems to oxidize to your skin tone, not sure if it does, but that’s what I’ve noticed. This foundation is creamy and doesn’t dry out at all! I highly recommend this foundation if you’re looking for a full coverage that will last all day!

Chiseled Cheeks, Anyone?!

So you know my amazing company MAC Cosmetics came out with this product called quiktrik sticks! Ok, let’s just pause for a moment! Whoooo ok! This beautiful, double sided contour and highlight stick has made it to my heart! I mean it’s one of the quickest ways a girl on-the-run can get ready and look flawless! It comes in 6 shades and 3 of them you can use as blush! I know….. I’ll wait for the excitement to calm down! You can simply pick up the stick and glide it onto the skin without shifting your makeup or causing any type of breakage. You can blend it beautifully with a brush (personally, I love the MAC 130 foundation brush). I haven’t tried it with a sponge just yet but if that’s what you have, I’m sure it’ll work just the same!

Now, for the highlighted part – to get that glow – I just simply apply some of the product to my ring finger and tap it on the highest points of my face where I want the light to hit and bam, I’m done! You’re flawless!

You guys, I can go on and on but I have to save them up for you guys! Maybe for December I’ll do drugstore brands that are my faves because face it – when you love makeup like I do, you’ll try all brands and if it works, it works! So I really hope you all enjoyed this month of Monthly Favorites and can’t wait to chat about next months!

For more tips and tricks, please check out my previous blog posts.

Amanda Ellisor

Makeup/Beauty Blogger
Amanda is a wife, mother and a makeup artist for one of the most respected cosmetics brand – MAC Cosmetics. When she’s not contributing her makeup advice, she’s “beating someone’s face for the gawds!”

MISSION STATEMENT: “My mission is to “bringing out your inner goddess.” I love making people feel beautiful and confident with and without makeup! Educating women and even men so they can first feel beautiful within their own skin and having the knowledge and skills to create any look they desire!”

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